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Advance Forex Training Course

There are two main categories in advance course technical and fundamental studies.


In this Advance Level of Fundamental Studies, we will teach you how to analyze the any market as their current economical condition, how to prepare yourself for treating high importance news events. So you can judge, what is happening. Our main target is to teach you what is more importance in current market situation. Furthermore, what kinds of news can change the market trend. So you can understand this wild market easily.


In this section of Advance Course, we will teach you what kinds of indicators are lagging and leading for make you a perfect trader for using them accordingly to the market behavior. Furthermore, we will teach you about using of different technical tools on advance level according to the market situation. So you can track the current condition of market easily.

  • Advance relations of Fundamental of Economics.
  • Analyze the Macroeconomics Data of Countries.
  • Advance Concept of Monetary Policy.
  • Advance Prediction of Future Expectations.
  • Advance Technical Institutional Tool.

Advance Relations of Fundamental of Economics:

In this lesson, we will teach you about all economical leading indicators, so you can understand their relationships of one news to another.

Analyze the Macroeconomics data of Countries:

In this section, we will teach you all the highly importance news events and how global market may or may not effect accordingly. Like USD, CHF, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD and JPY.

Advance Concept of Monetary Policy:

In this section of course, we will tell you how to analyze the current economic condition of country, and what they are focusing on their monetary policy. So after learning you will be able to understand what monetary policy maker saying and what economical condition looks.

Advance Prediction of Future Expectations:

In this section, we will bring all the leading economical indicators which use to forecast the high importance news events. So you can make your own planning for treating the market in advance.

Daily 1 Hour Lecture.
Students outside Lahore attend class online through Teamviewer software.

Lecturer: Mr. Aftab Ali
Mobile No: 0321-4249491
Skype ID: DailyFXGuide
Institute Timing: 05:00-PM to 11:00-PM
Institute Address:
Basement of Shalimar Trade Centre, near Angori Cinema, Shalimar Link Road, Lahore Punjab, Pakistan.

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