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Articles by: Aftab Alimm
Technical and Fundamental Analysts. Start Daily FX Guide since Jan 01, 2012. I am Professional Trader and Analyst. My aim is to provide Professional Forex Knowledge and Advance concept of Fundamentals of Economics and Technical studies. I am also update economic news and technical expected range of instruments.

Best Buying Range in GBPUSD Pair

February 23, 2016 10:34 pm

We recommended buy trade in GBPUSD currency pair from 1.4016 with take profit range to near 1.4060 to 1.4080 and recommended stop loss for small account holders between 1.3945 to 1.3923. Best of luck.

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Consumer Confidence and Existing Home Sales

8:24 pm

Now the U.S Consumers Confidence fell in the February to 92.2 seven months low. Existing Home Sales raised to 547 Million. But the future expectations index declined to 78.9 from 85.3. Consumers confidence raised the home spending. But the condition are mixed for the next month.

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Recovery in U.S economy Fade Fear of Recession

8:06 pm

Recovery in U.S economy and fade fear of recession. In few weeks, the U.S economy was improving only grew 0.7% from October to December as compared the whole year 2015 and Federal Reserve’s estimate for first quarter growth was low only 1.2%. The following important points for U.S economy: Retail […]

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Contribution of Energy and their Components

7:29 pm
Contribution of Energy and their Components

From June 2014, energy prices fallen by exceeding supply of crude oil, the contribution of energy and their sub components to understand inflation: Source: Office for National Statistics

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The UK’s Performance of GDP by all Factors

7:18 pm

Economic recovery on the line, so the day by day GDP continues to grow on long basis. We are here to mentioned the comparison 2014 to 2015 by adding all factors of GDP: Percentage Points Sector 2014 2015 Agriculture 0.10 0.01 Mining & Quarrying -0.01 0.13 Manufacturing 0.27 -0.01 Electricity, […]

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Previous U.S Economic Outlook

February 22, 2016 6:10 pm

The Previous U.S economic outlook in detail with the comparison of previous years. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Population (million) 310 312 314 317 319 GDP per capita (USD) 48,310 49,725 51,409 52,939 54,597 GDP (USD bn) 14,964 15,518 16,163 16,768 17,419 Economic Growth (GDP, annual variation in %) 2.5 […]

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China Investors Flow by Renminbi Devaluation

5:52 pm

Chinese says that, the China economical condition is good and transparent, but in actual condition is not the same. Many investors discussed about unpredictable August’s devaluation of the renminbi by 1.9% against the US dollar. Due to reason many wave of investors shorted the renminbi. All the time China is […]

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Instability in Management of Policies by Central Bank

5:29 pm

Central banks are not control the economies of countries by providing suitable policies and money supply, so with instability first came zero interest rates, for the recovery plan quantitative easing and then negative interest rates. cuts interest rates in in Europe in 2014 and now embraced in Japan.

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USDCHF more likely to move Higher

February 20, 2016 5:24 pm

USDCHF pair will first move higher to near resistance level 0.9934 or 0.9959. After this move pair will drift downside to near 0.9880.

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GBPUSD Correction is Expected

5:16 pm

GBPUSD pair will first move to near resistance level 1.4440. After this move the pair will move downward to near support level at 1.4389 to 1.4367.

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