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Chart Patterns and Technical Indicators for Profitable Trading

April 8, 2015 6:43 pm

In this book, there is complete information about different chart patterns with their images. This book is totally based on the technical analysis. With the help of this book, we can get much knowledge about the market trends.  So we must read this book carefully to become successful and experienced trader.

The Main Contents of the Book:

Flags and Pennants
Bull Flag Patterns
Bullish Pennant
Bear Flag
Bearish Pennant
Ascending Triangle
Descending Triangle
Symmetrical Triangle
Rectangle Continuation
Rising Wedge
Cup and Handle
Double Bottom
Double Top
Falling Wedge (Bullish Reversal Pattern)
Head & Shoulders Bottom (Reversal Pattern)

Chart Patterns and Technical Indicators

Chart Patterns and Technical Indicators

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