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Different Angle and Different Prospective for Thinking about DOHA

April 18, 2016 6:24 pm

Really Bad for Fed

After all the speculations, rumors and market sentiments, we are nowhere. What we need to do know , is all depends on your strategies and long term prospective. In last meeting of FOMC President Janet Yellen, repeatedly said that they have no control on inflation or in simple meaning they are only hoping for inflation will rise if crude oil prices starting to stabilize. So after Doha Meeting where Iran didn’t participate, Saudi Arab threat US about 9/11 target, and are not ready for freeze the productions, Iran willing to take their Energy Shares by not cutting the productions. So all majors producers are not ready for lowering the production which means lowering inflation ahead will remain for US economy. Now we can easily predict about what Fed are gonna do in rest of the years by making blaming energy prices down so they couldn’t increase the Federal Fund Rate.

Seasonally Performance Adjustment Saying another Thing

April has been the second most bad month for the dollar because of it’s seasonally performance in this month. But May and June have been the most bad months for the commodities like, Gold, Aussie, Kiwi, and for Loonie. So recently upward movement in Aussie and Kiwi will soon heading to south because of commodities lowering. Euro which already showing unhappiness about recent upward movement in Eur/Usd . So they are saying about it was due to the dollar weakness in recent month. So. 1.1400/1.1350 will be key resistance in coming days. Sterling which are facing politically uncertainty could fall to new lows.


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