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High performance RSI scalping indicator with instructions

March 14, 2015 1:05 am

RSI Scalping:

We are introduced a high performance RSI scalping indicator with image proof that provide a good signals as per their complicated mathematical formula, but remember every indication based on technical observations and only failure due to fundamental news announcement. So, be careful trade with this indicator at the time of news event. This indicator provide us a good quality signals as based on recently overbought and oversold condition within the day.

RSI Scalping Indicator

RSI Scalping Indicator

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  • Recommended currency pairs EURUSD and GBPJPY
  • Time Frame M15
  • Input settings:
    • RSI Period 21 days
    • Bull Level 50 (means above 50)
    • Bear Level 50 (means below 50)
  • Levels:
    • Level 60
    • Level 50
    • Level 40


Dear traders follow the above instructions, but to get more best result of this try to many other setting as per your ideas because this indicator have a critical formula if anyone try different settings may be get better. If any have a problem and any question about it then contact us.

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