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Interest Rate still not Increase Until Inflation 2%

April 29, 2015 9:38 am

Today we are not discuss about technical analysis, because today most important fundamental events i.e. FOMC statement and Fed Interest Rate Decision. So we are expected that as per United States overall economic outlook, interest rate cannot increase until the inflation reach to near Fed target 2% and if we discuss on other economic factors then improvements still slowdown and some factors are in negative data. Today FOMC members announce new policy and highlighted again interest rate hike tone, but in press conference many investors raises the question in negative ways on interest rate hike and on overall economic outlook, due to these types of question dollar index may be move downward. Today EURUSD pair will move upward or break the resistance level 1.1100. But before FOMC statement EURUSD move downward as correctional movements.




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