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Buy Trade is Best for Gold, Buy Now Dear Traders

June 25, 2014 11:08 am
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GfK German Consumer Climate Previous 8.6 and Now 8.9 Buy in EUR/USD Just for 15 Pips

11:04 am
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Forex Analysis, Signals, Forecast & 100% Success Strategies

10:48 am

Dear traders yesterday EUR/USD currency pair was opened at 1.3602 and move upward rally at GMT+05 01:00-PM resistance level at 1.3627 due to German Business Expectations, German Current Assessment, German Ifo Business Climate Index, Italian Wage Inflation (MoM), and evening time move downward rally near support level 1.3584

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GBP/USD Analysis, Expectations Move Down to 1.7040 to 1.6990 for June, 23 2014

June 23, 2014 10:08 am

Today GBP/USD currency have uptrend in Asian Session due to highest level of 2009. This currency pair have not any fundamental event today and may be this pair move downward now as technical bases. On Friday GBP/USD currency pair have fully downward trend from 1.7039 to 1.7002 support level and […]

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EUR/USD Analysis, Expectations Rise at 1.3620 – 1.3640 for June, 23 2014

9:25 am

Dear Traders EUR/USD currency pair on Friday not have any important fundamental event, overall this currency pair move as per our technical analysis base and open at 1.3607 and move downward at support level 1.3564, H1 candle fully bearish pattern and close at 1.3589 upward. Just German PPI (MoM) and […]

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USD/CAD Analysis, Expectations Bearish, Support level 1.0800 for June, 20 2014

June 20, 2014 10:18 am

Yesterday USD/CAD currency pair perform last two days full bearish pattern, from 1.0860 to 1.0892 resistance level and move downward support level 1.0809. Please keep in mind when any currency pair have same movements then bearish pattern fully active and strong, in this case sell trades best

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EUR/USD Analysis, Expectations Bearish, Reach at 1.3585 for June, 20 2014

9:29 am

Yesterday EUR/USD currency pair move as our expectation, but this pair not move 1.3660 level even US Stock Exchange  fully fluctuate and gold move upward, this is amazing movements. So, EUR/USD close downward direction because last H4 candles have fully bearish pattern and today H4 candle shows that bullish pattern

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Gold Analysis and Prediction Rises at $1300 for June, 19 2014

June 19, 2014 12:15 pm
Gold Analysis and Prediction Rises at $1300 for June, 19 2014

As per H4 candle Gold previous high $1300 on May, 26 2014 and continuously move downward at $1240.50 on June, 03 2014 and break previous low 1243.14 January 31 2014. Gold continuously move upward from $1240.50 to average range $1277. Now our prediction is that Gold must reach $1300 level, and […]

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EUR/JPY Analysis Technical and Fundamental Perform Inversely for June, 19 2014

11:53 am

Yesterday EUR/JPY have bearish trend due to FOMC meeting minutes, and now today on 19.06.2014 EUR/JPY analysis shows that technical and fundamental perform inversely, means our technical analysis this currency pair move downward near support level at 138.30, but some fundamental events effect

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EUR/USD Analysis Expectations Rise Near at 1.3630 for June, 19 2014

11:10 am

Yesterday very important event was FOMC meeting minutes, market in Asian and European Session flat due to FOMC event. US Fed have slower economic growth and lower number of housing section, overall summary of FOMC statement is that US economy growth slowly. Result, Dollar weaker and market move up

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