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Summary of March FOMC Minutes 2016

April 7, 2016 8:23 pm

FOMC Minutes issued on the basis of 15/16 March, 2016 fomc meeting . The following summary of minutes of detailed discussion between the FOMC officials: Decline in financial market and instability this year. Risks remained continue to downside of growth and inflation. Strong dollar downward pressure on net exports and […]

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Construction Sector of China is a Turing Point

April 5, 2016 7:49 pm

Construction sector of China is a well turning point after hard landing. Why? Oversupply controlled and increase strong sales growth and activities of construction. Now we are understand the following turning points of China’s Economy: Housing starts and home sales at robust level in this year. Lower rates to continue […]

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Short Recovery in Industrial Sector of China

April 4, 2016 10:39 pm

Short improvements in industrial sector of China from last two months of 2016, 4.8% year over year from -2.3%, this increase in private sector and other sector decline in profits and also sectors of domestic demand and electronics, automotives improved. Furthermore, financial markets have negative effects, reason tax cuts, public […]

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Briefing about U.S Economic Condition

9:08 pm

Gain in S&P500 last week and 6.8% in March. US and China manufacturing data has started improvements. U.S Jobs and housing markets remain strong. China and Europe are starting to handle their economic problems. Recent recovery in crude prices is better for inflation of U.S. WTI and Brent prices to […]

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ISM Non-Manufacturing and Trade Balance Advance Report

8:05 pm

ISM Non-Manufacturing Regional surveys of business activity increased from February, report by Federal Reserve. The survey indicating about localized improvement. We are expecting that the ISM non-manufacturing index to rise slightly as per previous values, but still below the average level. Trade Balance Very strong U.S Dollar effects the import […]

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Advance Report of Factory Order U.S

5:43 pm

In January 2016, factory orders increased by 1.6% and further more new orders excluding aircraft, or core capital goods orders was increased by 3.4%. As per our analysis on sub components increased in orders we expect that this is the hint increase in capital spending GDP components and furthermore decline […]

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US NFP Data and Focus on AHE Reason Inflation

March 31, 2016 7:57 pm

We are predicting that non-farm payrolls may be increased in the month of March 2016, the current condition of private service payrolls is on average level and also Jobless Claims data solid, initial claims at lows level, ISM non-manufacturing index declined from to 53.4 to 49.7. We are measured the […]

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Dollar Rebounded against Majors

March 22, 2016 7:51 pm

Now the dollar rebounded against major currencies. Last week dollar crashing and week due to Janet Yellen’s dovish comments. Now the investors find the very little reason for buying U.S Dollar, so today dollar rebounded. U.S. data or Fed speak may be change the sentiment of investors. This week economic […]

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Long Term Expected Resistance Level

March 18, 2016 6:43 pm

Eurozone data Better than expected consumer prices grew to 0.2%, but enough for Eurozone and also for EURUSD. On the current time high at 1.1376 of EURUSD is now first highest level of 2016, so we are predicting that if the pairs will break this level then next level is […]

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Fed’s Funds Future Expectations

6:35 pm

The dollar impact negative due to unchanged rate. On yesterday the initial jobless claims 42-year low, and also 15 months high of Philadelphia Fed index, but dollar index continuous move downward. Janet Yellen’s comments just on data depended and also Fed’s dot plot forecast for further two rate hikes in […]

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