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Today ECB Press Conference Volatile Impact on EURUSD

April 15, 2015 10:51 am

Today we are expected that as per technical analysis the EURUSD pair will move downward to near support level 1.0603 towards 1.0570 as correction of yesterday major move in bullish trend due to weakness of dollar because data less than forecast and not good sign for interest rate hike in June, and may be the rate not increase in June.

The European Central Bank may be raised emergency liquidity assistance that Greek banks can draw 800 million euros from the country’s central bank, report announce by a banking source. The ECB will be keen to stress that it has no good plans for policy measures. Today we are predicted that the ECB President Mr. Mario Draghi may be not announce any good changes and stimulate measures in policy at the governing council’s regular meeting held a day earlier.




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