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Today Trading Analysis with Forecast for EURUSD

May 6, 2015 6:36 am

Today we are expected as per technical analysis that the EURUSD pair will move as downtrend to support level 1.1144 towards 1.1108. Upward criteria that the pair will not break resistance level 1.1230, as per technical analysis but today high importance event for United States i.e. ADP Nonfarm Employment Change (Apr), if we compare the previous overall economic outlook of United States then may be the event data positive because improvements of employment sector now the major object of FED as per FOMC Statement and to improve with overall economic conditions. So if data positive then the pair behave same as per our technical analysis to near support level 1.1108 and if data negative then the pair must breakout resistance level 1.1230 towards 1.1300.


Forex Trading Analysis chart


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