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Trading for a Living in the Forex Market

April 16, 2015 2:01 pm

There is a complete knowledge and information about Forex and its major factors in this book. Major currencies are also discussed in this book. Indicators for the fundamental and Technical analysis are included in this book. We must up-to-date about fundamental events and news, so that we trading in a best and profitable way. News and events are much affected on the Forex market.

The Main Contents of the Book:

Common knowledge about the trading on Forex
Forex as a part of the global financial market
Risks by the trading on Forex
Major currencies and trade systems
Major currencies
• The U.S. Dollar
• The Euro
• The Japanese Yen
• The British Pound
• The Swiss Franc
Indicators for the fundamental analysis
• Economic indicators
• The Gross National Product
• The Gross Domestic Product
• Consumption Spending
• Investment Spending
• Government Spending
• Net Trading

Trading for a Living in the Forex Market

Trading for a Living in the Forex Market

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